IC F1000S & IC F2000S


The IC-F1000S & F2000S radio is a brilliant new low cost waterproof (IP67) radio with display and full lone worker monitoring. The radio is ideal for a wide range of businesses such as those involved in the education, hospital, hotel,  factory production & maintenance and facility management sectors.

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F1000S & F2000S VHF/UHF Handheld Waterproof Two Way Business Radios with Display 

The IC F1000S & IC F2000S radios are new compact portable radios with many convenient features including:

  • Display and Soft Keys
  • Motion sensor
  • Channel selection voice announcement
  • loud audio with 36mm speaker
  • rugged waterproof & dustproof chassis

The F2000S is ideal for a wide range of businesses such as those involved in the education, hospital, hotel, factory production & maintenance and facility management sectors.

LCD Display
The display allows features such as “Caller Display” and simple messaging to be utilized.

IP67 Waterproof and Dust-tight Protection
The IC-F1000S & F2000S series has a 24.5mm slim depth with IP67 waterproof casing. The transceiver can withstand 1m depth of water for 30 minutes. Its dust-tight construction prevents the ingress of powder dust, sand, mud and other objects.

Built-in Motion Sensor
With a built-in motion sensor, the IC-F1000/F2000 series can detect its state of motion and can send an emergency signal. The motion function detects if the transceiver is moving or shaking, for example, during a chase. Lone worker and man down functions are programmable.

Easy to Hear in a Noisy Environment
The large 36mm speaker of the transceiver provides clear companded 800 mW* audio. The built-in BTL amplifier doubles the audio output power and delivers loud and intelligible voice to a radio operator working in noisy environments.
* Typical with internal speaker

Inversion Voice Scrambler
The built-in inversion voice scrambler provides secure conversation. Up to 16 codes are selectable.

14 Hours of Operating Time with Supplied Waterproof Battery
The supplied waterproof Li-Ion battery pack, BP-279 (7.2V DC, 1485mAh), provides 14 hours* of operating time.
* tx:rx:standby=5:5:90. power save function on.

Quiet Stand-by and More
The IC-F1000/F2000 series has built-in 2-Tone, 5-Tone, CTCSS and DTCS signalling capabilities for group communication and selective calling.

Channel Announcement
When you rotate the channel knob, the radio announces the channel number. Convenient for making radio adjustments without having to look at the radio.

Other Features
• 8 DTMF autodial memories
• BIIS PTT ID and emergency call
• “Shift key” function increases number of programmable key assignments
• Surveillance function
• Escalating alarm
• Optional HM-168LWP, waterproof speaker-mic

“Click here to get the full datasheet”….

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IC-F1000S VHF, IC-F2000S UHF