About Us

About Us

We supplied and installed our first radio system in 1971 to Black Bull Taxis in Preston, Lancashire. We were approved and certified by the Home Office (the predecessor to OFCOM) to supply ICOM and YAESU radio communication products, which were some of the new breed of high performance, reliable Japanese electronic equipment.  Today we are one of the largest suppliers in the North West of such equipment from all major manufacturers including ICOM, MOTOROLA, SIMOCO & KENWOOD.

In 1990 we purchased a 7,000 sq. ft. factory on Walton Summit, reached from junction 29 of the M6 and junction 9 of the M61, where we have our injection moulding plant (1800KN), our new product and radio systems design workshops, our service centre and our sales and administration team offices. This is also our trade counter location.

Over the last 45 years we have continued to build business relations with hundreds of enterprises and we have become a “one stop shop” for many, where we design & install not only radio systems, including masts & towers but also deliver training – beginner & advanced, design & install telephone & computer networks (Engineers have various qualifications including CNE, CNA, MCP), Carry out Electrical Installation Work (C&G 2382 etc), Inspection & Test for Electrical Installation Condition Reports (C&G 2391) & PAT(Portable Appliance) Testing (C&G 2377). The telecoms/networking business is RS Technology.

We also design and manufacture a range of radio system related products using our in-house Injection moulding plant, Printed Circuit Design facility & Software development team.

In 1993 we provided the first shopwatch type system in the North West modeled on a system (the first) in Norfolk.

1999 was the year we launched our famous “While you Wait” walk in repair service widely advertised in Yellow Pages etc. We still operate this scheme though these days it extends to mail order too.

In 2000 we installed our first aircraft radio system including voice, GPS & instrument landing systems.

In 2004 we produced the world’s fastest mobile data terminal for use with PMR radio – Delta. This won the FCS (Federation of Communication Services) award for innovative product design. This is distributed via a network of 100+ dealers. Interestingly, this product caused OFCOM (The licencing authority) to have to introduce a method of licencing time as well as frequency – something they never had to do before. The CTO of OFCOM was kind enough to personally deliver this first licence to a company near Blackpool, Lancashire.

In 2005 Radio Service installed the first Town Centre Public Address system which was linked to the Shopwatch/Pubwatch network, the Emergency Planning Dept. & the Police. Other councils have since followed suit as part of their commitment to implementing a best practice town/city centre evacuation procedure.

2009 saw the rollout of the Lancashire resilient radio network where we installed a county wide emergency radio system used by County, City & District councils. We implemented the infrastructure, licencing, training & issued portable equipment (on 5 year maintenance contracts) to 11 councils as members of the scheme.

In 2010 we designed, installed & commissioned one of the first digital (IP based)  5.7GHz  licence free links in the North West for traffic management purposes.

In 2014 we invested £400K when we purchased another 7,000sq.ft. warehouse nearby, to hold our vast stocks of radio related equipment and spares so that we can better support our customers.

In 2015 we worked with Innovise Software who provide numerous NHS trusts with their Portering Management System (PorterTrac) to produce a tightly integrated handheld radio terminal based on the ICOM digital radios. This system brings huge advances in terms of patient confidentiality, performance auditing, staff efficiency improvements, duty of care & lone worker protection.

This is the year in which we hope to be of service to you!

We will achieve this by providing the best possible advice, technical solutions and ongoing support delivered with integrity and the utmost respect. We believe this is the foundation of a long term business relationship.