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“What you see on this site is only a fraction of our stock. We also have Motorola, Kenwood, Simoco and other manufacturers ranges. If there’s anything radio related that you don’t see here then please call for prices!”

And now, a bit about licencing:

In the UK there is a choice of licenced or unlicensed radio systems. The main differences are listed below:

Unlicenced radios:

  1. Low power
  2. Handheld only (no vehicle or base radios available) so no possibility of a repeater to increase coverage range.
  3. No licence required so radios are immediately available. (Please contact us for confirmation of compatibility with any unlicenced radios you may have).

Licenced radios:

  1. Handportables are typically 5 times more powerful than unlicenced types.
  2. Full range of handportable, mobile (vehicle/plant mounted) radios and base stations.
  3. A licenced system can have repeaters to increase features (for example – call logging, LAN/WAN connection, multi site coverage etc.) and to greatly improve communication distance.
  4. An OFCOM licence is required. If you don’t have one then please call us & we’ll help arrange this for you. If you do have a licence, please either email to or fax (01772 628888) us a copy of the schedule page so we can prepare your new licenced radios to match your existing radios.